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Join us on an adventure into the wilds of the north

The Company

Rimfrost Adventures, situated in Kalix, is an outdoor company that cherishes the essence of small-scale, authentic experiences for a truly unique adventure.

The setting is striking, encompassing vast forests, an untouched archipelago, and a free-flowing river.

In our commitment to safeguarding this remarkable natural environment, we prioritize leaving minimal impact.

his principle guides every aspect of our operations, from the cuisine we offer to the structures we utilize and the places we explore.

The Kalix area

Kalix in Northern Sweden is surrounded by forests and a shimmering river. The mighty Kalix River has shaped the area for centuries, providing sustenance for both people and wildlife.

The chilly winters and bright summer nights create a unique experience for visitors. Winter sports and the northern lights are part of everyday life, while summer offers long days filled with outdoor activities.

Dress for success

If you want to stay warm during the winter, it's best to dress in layers

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