Arctic winter skills

February 28 - March 3 / 2022



The course is all about learning the basic skill to handle the harsh arctic winter environment.

The main idea is to give you lots of time to handle yourself and your equipment in a winter environment. Learning - repeating -adapting and finding out what suits best for you.

This will be a practical experience in
spectacular surroundings that will prepare you for the Montane Lapland arctic ultra.


Day 1

Equipment sorting
Basic skills
Winter theory.


Day 2

Sled pull
Fire making

Day 3

Long sled pull
Fire making

Day 4

Sled pull
Racing skills sesion

stuga front_edited.jpg

Day 1

Start up day 
Arrival to Land och Strand in Pålänge, Kalix.
-Gear handling
-Getting your cabin
-Indoor winter theory lesson
-Outdoor practise "how to stay warm and dry"
-Outdoor Frostbite first aid training.

Snowshoe Hike.jpg

Day 2

First sled tour 
This day will be spent outdoors. Focusing on:
-Packing the pulk
-Fire making
-How and where to rest
-Using the stove
-Setting up camp/bivy
-Outdoor lunch
-Back at the cabin for dinner


Day 3

Full day outdoor 
On this day we head out on a longer (15km) sled pull.
Repeating many of the things from day 2 and learning some new skills.
-Using the stove
-Melting snow
-Making camp
-Trying out sleeping bag
-Outdoor lunch & diner.
Back at the cabins late in the evening


Day 4

Outdoor and ice 
This days start with a shorter sled pull to a nearby lake/stream where we will look at icesafety and how to read nature.
-Lunch at the cabin

Racing skills 
In the afternoon Marianne Heading will have a session about her experiences from Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra and
Rovaniemi 150.

-Local specialties diner at the cabins

-Course evaluation