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  • Join our guides for an unforgettable aurora hunt

    3 hr

    From 990 Swedish kronor
  • Come aurora hunting with us

    3 hr

    From 990 Swedish kronor
  • Snowshoeing, Northern Lights, and Fireside Feast

    4 hr

    From 1,490 Swedish kronor

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How to Aurora hunt

Here's a guide on how to embark on your own Northern Lights chase.

Choose the Right Location:

Pick a location with a high likelihood of auroral activity. Situated within or close to the Arctic Circle

Optimal Seasons:

Plan your trip during the winter months when nights are longer, and the sky is darker. This increases the chances of spotting the Northern Lights. The period from late September to early April is considered prime aurora season

Stay Away from Light Pollution:

Find a location far from city lights, as light pollution can significantly diminish the visibility of the Northern Lights.

Monitor Auroral Forecasts:

Keep an eye on auroral forecasts, which predict the likelihood and intensity of Northern Lights activity.The Northern Lights are influenced by solar activity. Keep track of solar flares and sunspot activity.

Be Patient and Prepared for Uncertainty

Nature is unpredictable, and even in the best conditions, there's no guarantee of seeing the Northern Lights. Be patient and prepared to wait for hours, or even several nights

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