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Extra day

Your extra day starts right after the main course has ended. After dinner, we pack the pulk again and head out along the trail. The night is spent outdoors, and on Friday, you get the chance to try and go as far as you can along the trail. You'll be back in Jockfall on Friday evening.

Thursday evening

-Sled pull for 2 hours

-Choosing a camp site

-Melting snow and getting in to your Bivvy


-Breaking camp

-Sled pull for as long as you can 12 hours

Have in mind

You need to bring all the food you plan to use during the extra day.

You will be pulling your pulk alone at your own pace along the trail.

You may need an extra night's accommodation on Friday night

Price and booking

2900 SEK. Book the extra day when you sign up for the course.


*The extra day will not be offered if there are fewer than 3 participants

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