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The northern seasons


From December to March, Kalix experiences its longest season - winter. The landscape transforms into a frozen wonderland, with snow-covered forest and a frozen sea. Engage in invigorating outdoor activities like snowshoeing, snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing, and ice fishing. The clear nights often treat us to the enchanting spectacle of the Northern Lights.


Late Winter


March and April usher in late winter. It brings a welcome touch of light and warmth after the colder months. This is prime time for outdoorliving with friends and family, savor a moment of tranquility in the radiant sunshine, perhaps with a snow sofa and a warming fire.



May typically marks the arrival of spring in Kalix. The snow melts away and the frozen Kalix river opens up once again Towards the end of May, the white nights emerges, banishing the darkness.

The forest comes alive, and the first plants peek out of the ground


Early Summer

June bathes Kalix with magical white nights and It's the onset of the hiking and biking season. It´s also time to put your boat in to the sea. June brings one of the most anticipated highlights of the year - Midsummer celebration



By June and July, the long-awaited warmth has settled in, bringing the full bloom of summer to Kalix. Dive into the mirror-like lakes take a kayak trip or enjoy a souna. In june we have the


Late Summer

August ushers in late summer. Berries and mushrooms ripen, and we stock our freezers with nature's bounty to see us through the long winter. Evenings and nights grow darker, insects recede. In late summer, it's also time for sour herring and crayfish parties



Then comes autumn in September-October. The sun still shines high, offering warmth during the day, though the crisp air signals the onset of fall. The Northern Lights return to Kalix in September, painting the night sky with their celestial dance. Despite the chilly nights, mushrooms and berries are still available, at least in early September. It's also hunting season, with the traditional moose hunt being a notable event in Kalix. In September, the vendace fishing season begins, providing us with the local delicacy ”Caviar of Kalix”. When the trees turn yellow and red, the forest is incredibly beautiful



Pre-winter makes its entrance in November-December. Days grow shorter, and nature dons a pristine white coat as the snow arrives to stay. Usually, a blanket of snow settles and lingers on the ground in December, while ice starts to form on the sea and lakes.

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